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Top 10 Favourite “Neglected” TV Shows (retro post)

Top 10 Favourite “Neglected” TV Shows (retro post)

This is my top 10 of my favourite tv shows that others may have forgotten, or just not known about! They are all long finished, and some didn’t even get to finish their runs. All are amazeballs.

*Goes and puts on some tv and basks in the glow of awesomeness*

Honourable mentions: Mission Impossible (1988-1990) and Quantum Leap (1989-1993)

10. Roar (1997)
The story of a young Celtic prince fighting against the Romans with a rag-tag team of other young, pretty Celts. This was on the back of Hercules and Xena, but it failed terribly. I was bereft. I could have watched shows in this vein forever. Now only remembered for being the first big thing for Heath Ledger, but have a look at the baby Vera Farmiga and Sebastian Roche!

9. The Pretender (1996-2000)
Michael T Weiss is Jarod, raised in The Centre and tested to expand his great intellect. Realising as an adult that he was lied to, he escapes and sets out to find the truth. Didn’t care that it was a weekly “who’s Jarod today” type show. It was fun. Ending sucked balls.

8. Relic Hunter (1999-2002)
Tia Carrere had a very short moment in the spotlight, thanks to Wayne’s World and True Lies. This show was pretty much the end of it (apart from being the voice of Nani in Lilo and Stitch). Think Indiana Jones but with Tia and on tv. She was so awesome and totally who I wanted to be.

7. Dead Like Me (2003-2004)
From the first moment George gets killed by a space station toilet, you know this isn’t your average tv show. She then gets drafted into being a grim reaper, but one who still has to work for a “living”. Offbeat, fun, and has Mandy Patinkin. What else do you need?

6. American Gothic (1995)
Oh, the glorious atmosphere in this show! The drawl on babbee Lucas Black, the swagger on Gary Cole, the supernatural stories, love it all! So sad there was never more than one season.

5. The Middleman (2008)
Another one season gem. Wendy is a struggling artist who gets recruited to be a Middleman, the ones who fight the monsters. Yes, kinda like the Men in Black, but a little more meta about itself and the greater sci fi world. Imminently rewatchable.
For a longer review of this awesome show, check out The Middleman Review

4. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1993)
I only need to say three words, “Cowboy Bruce Campbell”. So funny and awesome, and another one season favourite.

3. Time Trax (1993-94)
Let me tell you how much I love this show: I’ve watched it on a dodgy vhs download. Twice.
A future cop sent back to the 90s to track down criminals attempting to escape future punishment. It was filmed in Aus, so it’s like playing find the Aussie actor! I had such the crush on Dale Midkiff, I wanted to be an actor just so I could be on that show.

2. Warehouse 13 (2009-2014)
A spin-off from Eureka (which is amazing, but I think more people know about it? If you don’t, bloody go watch it. Now.) this is a show where they track down magical artifacts where something always go wrong. There’s a lot based around historical figures, but it’s mostly about the weird shit. The last episode makes me cry, it’s so emotional.

1. Psych (2006-2014)
This is my favourite show. Hands down. Funny. Pop culture savvy. Meta upon meta. I keep watching it as I miss jokes the first or even second viewing. Shawn Spencer is raised by his cop dad to make use of his eidetic memory to become a cop. He instead becomes a flake. He then uses that memory to pretend to be psychic and solve cases. But this is all about the friendship between Shawn and Gus. I just adore it.

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